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I make a MOTOCAB reservation from New York so I can be on time in Paris …
You want to be on time for your meetings ? Use MOTOCAB …
or you’ll be late!
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The quality service initiative

When it comes to passenger transport, time is not the only measure of quality. The men and women working for MOTOCAB are trained to satisfy your requests, to assure your comfort and safety throughout your ride. This is why most MOTOCAB customers became regular users after trying our services.

Additionally, we offer unlimited health damage insurance (and goods insurance) activated at pick-up up until the destination.



The "back-office" of MOTOCAB meets a sophisticated booking platform thus ensuring on time contact with the available fleet.
Booking is accessible from the USA and the main European countries.

All the vehicles used during your transfers are under the property of MOTOCAB. Our vehicles are technically revised every 6 weeks.