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Moto Honda France

Get acquainted with the majestic Gold Wing 1800 and discover the qualities and performance of the most beautiful bike in the world. Its performance level explains why we chose it as the unique model for our entire fleet, and why we continue to acquire it at a steady pace.

Assurance Olivier Heim

Specialist of transport by bike, Olivier Heim is the partner of MOTOCAB for ensuring the serenity of our passengers and their pilots. As a true partner of the firm, and, in order to be able to offer an optimal level of assurance, he is involved in our pilot recruiting process.

Moto Services

If, after completing a transfer on one of our bikes you want to learn more about the fascinating world of motor biking, do not miss the french reference portal for information on motorcycle and scooter. Beyond the quality of the information provided to the community, the Motoservices portal is also an excellent partner for MOTOCAB, particularly as regards the recruitment of our pilots.

Rallye Courses

The existense of our company, is "urgency": bidding, banking, vaccines, films, spare parts ... 
For 30 years, many companies rely on speed and the reliability of our team for their deliveries letters or parcels.