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Rates and services

Comfort et safety

We will provide you with a full-face helmet adapted to your head size with a single-use internal fabric, as well as a protection jacket and gloves.

Bad weather expected?

Your pilot will offer you rain clothes, shoe covers and a leg protection in Gore-Tex. Your protection is assured whatever weather conditions, your outfit will be in an impeccable state at the end of the ride.

The large side suitcases on the motorcycle taxis are able to carry light hand luggage, as well as a computer or a briefcase.

The passenger’s seat is both ergonomic and warm, and the Bluetooth system allows you to stay in touch with your business partners during the motorcycle ride.

Assisted by GPS, our riders know perfectly well how to avoid the famous Parisians traffic jams, delivering you on time for your meeting.

The vehicles

All the motorbikes used during transfers are the property of MOTOCAB. Apart from assuring a daily check-up the motorcycles are technically revised every six weeks.

The MOTOCAB fleet is made out of 50 Honda Goldwing equipped with 1800 cm3 engines.

A real limousine on two wheels! Honda Goldwing is the reference in terms of comfort on road and stability.
Honda Goldwing is equipped with adjustable suspensions at distance enabling a smooth drive, and also with a very modern brake system ABS / DCBS enabling fast and effective stops.

The 6 cylinders engine allows fast accelerations when required, ensuring passenger’s comfort.

The pilots

Our pilots are the most experimented in this business, their driving ability in Paris guarantees they are extremely reliable during transfers.

All our pilots are full-time employees of MOTOCAB, and are subject to rigorous selection procedures.

Selection et recruitment

Our rider selection demands are very strict: minimum age of 30, a minimum of ten years since obtaining the driving licence, proof of total absence of accident - with or without responsibility - over the last five years.

After a series of individual interviews, the candidates meeting the criteria are test drive evaluated. During the training period the tested riders accompany the confirmed riders in their missions, without taking any passenger on board. It is only after completing training and approval from the instructor that a pilot is granted missions.

Evaluation et follow-up

Our most experimented riders are in charge of supervising and watching after the respect of our quality procedures including: safety, daily motorcycle technical control and service quality. Our pilots benefit from a follow-up allowing them to improve their performance and service.